Winter Wonderland


Posted 25th January 2013 - Posted in Chairman News

Unfortunately the snow has taken centre stage recently rather than the football then guess what the rain is coming back. Hallam can therefore look forward to a congested end of season fixture schedule when they will be permanently in residence at Sandygate Road.Does anybody know what the record is for the number of consecutive home games in the North East Counties League ? Answers on a post card please .

On a positive note the atmosphere within the club amongst the players , the coaches , the staff and the supporters has become very upbeat . It is nice to see positive press and praise for a club that is still going through a period of change and that credit is quite correctly been given to those previously criticised, sometimes unfairly.

It is time to get behind Julian , Chris and the Countrymen and lift them up the table in what remains of the season and with a batch of young players waiting the wings the future is starting to look much brighter -- or is that the reflection off the snow !!

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