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Posted 01st February 2013 - Posted in Fans News Follow the Brown Signs

You may or may not have noticed the Brown Heritage signs dotted around Sheffield 10 and pointing the way to Sandygate Road - the Oldest Football Ground in the World.

There are 93 symbols on brown signs that make up the officially recognised “types” of attractions and facilities across Britain. Altogether they encompass a huge variety of interesting places to visit, people to meet, things to do and sights to see, seamlessly incorporating all our history, geography, culture and heritage into a little appreciated and massively underestimated tourist network. Each one is important in it’s own special way and inspiring people to get interested in a variety of different multidisciplinary things they didn’t even know could be interesting.

Phil Farnsworth worked tirelessly for almost three years before the signs were finally erected and the historical significance of Sandygate Road as an important piece of local and global football heritage was recognised.

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