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Posted 26th April 2013 - Posted in Chairman News

For some time now we have been saying that Hallam is a work in progress and although this may still be the case I feel that firmer foundations are now in place on which to build for our future. You need stability within any organisation and that is so true of any sports club as matters off the pitch often filter onto it and are reflected in the performances.I truely believe that after hard work behind the scenes we have a group of dedicated individuals and coaches who can lift this club back where it belongs and hopefully that belief is now filtering through to the talented group of players being assembled at all age levels within Hallam FC.

I must admist we had a difficult couple of months at the start of the season when expectations were rightly high following on from an impressive pre-season display however again we had a migration of senior players to other clubs leaving behind a team of young players still learning their trade at this level of the game.I had numerous phone calls about how we should change the way we played, about the managers and who we should bring in however I never lost faith in Julian Watts and Chris Sellers because they never lost faith in their group of players and they earned my support for all the right reasons and that belief in stability has paid and will pay dividends.

As the senior lads gradually found their way home to Sandygate fortunes began to change and we have seen some exciting displays from the team. On a cold crisp night in January when the team totally outshone a high flying Emily side and with the buzz from over 100 people enjoying the flowing display of football I felt the club had finally turned a corner and the ongoing support and coverage from the local media from that point onwards has been welcomed and appreciated.

We now need the loaylty of the players and supporters if we are to take this club back to the Premier division and this may not happen next year or the year after but with hard work and dedication it will happen.

One must also look beyond the first team for our future to the success enjoyed by the new U-18 side which will continue next season under the watchful eye of first team coach Chris Sellars. The U-19's are due to play in the Cup Final with many of their players also representing the Reserves as they step up into Senior Football.The Reserves themselves have fed several players into the first team for which their own league position has suffered however no regrets -- this is one team with one mind and one goal in it's sights. Then we have the succesful partnership with the Sheffield University Football teams and our coaches can take some pride in helping them lift the Varsity trophy for the first time in 10 years plus we are now much closer to our professional colleagues at United and Wednesday.

Finally Thank you !! Thank you to the small but growing team behind the scenes wihout whom we could not function as a club. Thank you to the coaches and managers for your dedication and hours and hours spent trying to develop our players and our club. Thank you to the players for believing that Hallam is the club YOU want to play for and one where there is an environment within which you will be allowed to develop and hone your skills , one that is supporting and one that wants you to succeed as individuals as well as part of our team.

One last word for my Vice Chairman  - every club needs a rock and that rock has again been Steve Basford.

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