It's tough at the top ....


Posted 27th October 2013 - Posted in Chairman News

 Well we knew it would not be easy given the changes in close season however after a bright start the first team appear to have come off the rails and are finding it hard to buy a point ( not that we have the funds to do it).

Some bright young players have come to the fore but we still appear to lack that guiding light on the pitch, someone with experience and knowledge of the game at this level who can lend a word of advice which may result in us keeping 11 men on the pitch from time to time.Being young and enthusiastic is something you miss as you get older however what you don't miss is those hard lessons you had to learn along the way.

Let us also spare a thought for Chris Sellars who is as finding his feet in management and is learning game by game that coaching players and managing them can be Worlds apart. At times like this everyone needs support throughout the club whatever their role.




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