Early goal takes its toll


Posted 28th December 2013 - Posted in Match Reports Early goal takes its toll

 The early goal was the pace setter in this one with Dronfield taking the advantage rather early on. It came from a free-kick that was not cleared away by Hallam that lead to a deep cross to the far post, an unmarked header back across goal where a header was kindly met by the striker leaving the goalkeeper with no chance and Hallam with an uphill task really early on.

Dronfield continued to take a hold on the game and crosses were causing a real danger for Hallam, a corner not cleared away at the second attempt was cleared of the line and Hallam were living dangerously.

Hallam then began to settle down and play their game, finding space on the right-hand side time and time again, this could be there way back into this game. A poor pass back to the goalkeeper could have been costly for Dronfield who started to feel the pressure from Hallam. Another great piece of play down the right hand side caused danger for Dronfield, a neat one-two lead to a ball going into the box that was caught easily by the goalkeeper but things were looking positive for Hallam to get back into this game.

But after all Hallam’s pushing for that equaliser, Dronfield score again. This time from a corner, in swinger to the near post that was met by a guided header past the Hallam goalkeeper and gave Dronfield some breathing space in the game.

2-0 down you could have argued it was becoming a challenge too far for Hallam but they pushed on, determined to get themselves back into it and they could not have asked for a better chance, when some good work from the left-hand side lead to a through ball leaving the striker with a one-on-one with the goalkeeper who saved a tame effort that was pushed back out into danger that fell to another Hallam player in the waiting who fired towards goal but his effort was cleared of the line by the recovering Dronfield defence, before a scramble for a third attempt at goal was blazed over the bar and the chance was gone, this could prove costly for Hallam right before the half time whistle.

But the second half did not get off to a good start for Hallam, a slow start and a poor clearance away lead to yet another cross into the box and a free header that was guided into the bottom right-hand corner means a 3-0 lead for Dronfield and Hallam face a near impossible task to get back into this one.

Hallam were then handed a small lifeline when a ball over the top catches the Dronfield defence out of position and a miss timed challenge left the referee with no choice but to send off the last defender. This is the help Hallam need if they have any chance to turn this around in the short time remaining.

They began to press the 10 men of Dronfield but the hard working Dronfield side were proving strong and determined not to lose out, until a lack of concentration near the end by Dronfield caught them napping and a rebound into an open net gave Hallam a conciliation from just a few yards out.

But this was not Hallam’s day and with a reverse fixture up next at sandygate next week hopefully the home advantage will push Hallam on to three points.

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