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Posted 04th March 2018 - Posted in Fans News Support the Community Scheme

The Community Scheme have been a key supporter of Hallam FC for many years and when times were tough the monthly donation from the scheme helped the club to maintain some of it own youth initiatives which today has resulted in our own junior teams and a reputation for developing good young players.We feel we now want to help the community scheme as they have helped us in the past and as they continue to support Hallam FC.

The Community Scheme are passionate about helping the youth of today and believe that one of the best ways to do this is through local and national sport.They are aligned with the Fund Raising Standards Board,The National Children's Football Alliance and The North Riding FA and also support charitable organistaions such as The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and One Good Turn.

So how can we all help ? You can subsribe to the monthly online magazine that contains a variety of interesting news, views, articles , quizzes and competitions as well as a section on Hallam FC bringing you upto date with whats happening on and off the pitch at Sandygate.An example of the magazine can be viewed via this link:

Joining is very easy and can also be done online via the link below:

Lets all get behind the community scheme and help them to support tomorrows youth !



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