Restricted Car Parking for Tonights Game


Posted 01st August 2017 - Posted in Club News Restricted Car Parking for Tonights Game

Hallam FC would like to apologise to both supporters and local residents for the restricted parking available for tonights game against Sheffield United FC.

Anyone passing the ground and the Plough pub across the road can see that a security company working on behalf of the landlords have erected fencing to prevent unwanted access. In this instance it appears that the terms of the lease which allows Hallam Sports Club, that being both the Football and Cricket, to use the front car park on match days has been ignored although they have been doing so for the past 37 years without any detriment, even when the pub was open and occupied.

This obviously has a negative impact on the surrounding roads and residents and is not in the spirit of "community" which is ironic given that the most likely outcome for the future of the Plough will be as a community run venture. Again it appears we live in a World where common sense no longer prevails !

We would like to thank ST.Francis's Church for allowing us to use their car park for the players and staff of Sheffield United which eases the situtaion slightly.

Please park responsibly and with some sympathy for the local residents.

Thank you again for your support.


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