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Posted 05th September 2017 - Posted in Players News

In the next instalment of player profiles for 2017-18 Glenn Poulton chats with Mark West.

It's my pleasure to Introduce Hallam's number 9, Mark West

Tell us a little about yourself?
I'd say I'm a hard working individual and leave nothing on the pitch. You will see throughout the season I'm strapped up like a mummy but I love this game to much to stop playing. I had a previous season at Hallam but after snapping my arm at Emley away I missed the rest. Also I've played for Dronfield Town and Retford United.

Job outside of Football?

Assistant Site Manager

How did the move back to Hallam come about?
Manager Scott Bates called me and I didn't think twice about signing for him and this club. I had a few offers but I was holding out for him to call and he did, I love this place and believe Scott, Bamf and Whippy have what it takes to build something big here at Hallam.

Did you know any of the players before you signed in the summer?
I knew a few of the lads and already in the changing room that togetherness is there with new and old faces making this a great mix of lads to be playing along side.

Have you played at Sandygate Road before?
Like I said I've already played up here and the slope gets harder everytime but it's the same for both teams that play here all comes down to who wants it more.

How are you finding things so far? 
Things up at Hallam don't get much better, the club is going forward on and off the pitch I'm loving it!!

Thoughts on the FA Cup games?
We proved in both games in the FA Cup we are more than capable against higher teams, it's a shame we went out but we got the FA Vase and league to focus on now, so we can't dwell on the past it's about the future.

With the early red card in the YA game you went from CF to CB, is that a position you're familiar with?
I've played centre half loads and I love it to be honest, I feel I can read the strikers runs as I'm one myself so it helps massively. Also I'm always willing to play anywhere the gaffers ask me too. It's a team game not a me game.

Do you do any research on the opposition or just concentrate on your own game?
I've never researched any team before playing them, my aim is to be better than them and my opponent and believe in my team mates that we will get the job done together.

Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?
The only ritual I have at Hallam is eating all best flavour of wine gums in our changing room haha!

Have you set any targets for this season? 
Target for this season, haven't really got one myself but as a squad that's been assembled play offs is definitely a target for us!

Anything you'd like to add?
Only thing I want to add is there will be ups and downs along the way but at Hallam we stick together, don't shy away from anything and remember we're all Hallam aren't we!

WAHAW, Westy.

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