Managers Notes - Wippy - 5th September


Posted 05th September 2017 - Posted in Manager News Managers Notes - Wippy - 5th September

Glenn Poulton interview Stephen Whitehead (Wippy) after last Tuesday night's win v East Yorkshire Carnegie.

Your first win, how does that feel?
It's a relief, I think we have deserved more in previous games and to get that first one well takes a little pressure off.  We can now look forward to the upcoming games and should be looking for more wins in the coming weeks. 

A handful of games in so far now, is it going as planned?
With adding a lot of youth over the summer it's alway interesting to see how they adapt. Not many of these lads have played games in the NCEL 1 and it can take time. I wouldn't say it had gone to plan as we are looking to win the games that we play so 1 win 1 draw and 2 loses is below what we would be aiming for if you were to take an average throughout the season. 

Plenty of games coming up Sat/Tues/Sat/Tues. Is that a good thing?
Games are what we all look forward too so we're always happy for them to be regular. If we keep winning then we look forward to the next as a run can continue. If we lose its always good to play the next game and hopefully get back on track. So for me keep the games coming. It's can be handy to have a break and work on things that you can improve on in training but for the couple of hours we get in a week to get the lads together and train it sometimes fits better to get the games in. If you were to ask the lads I think they would all prefer playing competitive Football too. 

Any players stood out for you so far?
Billy Wright has been exceptional. Danny State has been a breath of fresh air since he joined and the rest of the lads have been a pleasure to work with and they're buying in to what we're building and how we want to play and I think we're still to see a lot of the lads hit their peak but that will come with time. The pleasing thing is that they are all willing to put a shift in when they cross that white line. 

With 30 players on the books can we keep them all happy or do we expect some departures?
I would be lying if I was to say we could keep all the lads happy that will be really hard and obviously some lads will move on. With that we're always looking to strengthen and that also comes with having to leave people out. 

The FA Vase is starting this month (September) is that a happy distraction from the league? 
I wouldn't say it was a distraction it's a competition that we're looking forward too and hopefully we can go get through a few rounds it's also nice to get some of the lads who haven't been starting some much needed minutes. 

Have you looked at the table yet or do you leave it until later in the season? 
You have to look at the table in my opinion as it gives you a good idea of what the other teams are doing.  Looking for the results to come in on game days is something we look for too. It tends to give a reflection of if teams are strong at the weekend or in midweek. Teams get to dual register players from higher leagues so can play them midweek at times an they can strengthen teams and also weaken them when they are back at their parent club. 

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