Getting to Know Your Fellow Countrymen - Part 3


Posted 14th September 2017 - Posted in Fans News

In the third of the series Glenn Poulton interviews Mr Ever Present, Bob Jolley who brings you all sorts of news and the teams over the tannoy on a match day.

Tell us about yourself, name, age, job, etc....?
My name is Robert Jolley but everyone calls me Bob, I am 52 in September and I am married to Sharon. We have a daughter called Rebecca who is 24 and lives in Hillsborough, they are the reason I am alive. I work for Sheffield City Council housing department as a caretaker. I am a massive music fan and like Green Day, Blink 182 and bands of that ilk, but to look at me you would not think I liked that sort of music!!

How did you first come to hear about Hallam FC? 
I first knew about Hallam probably by reading the Green U and I first came to Hallam for an FA Cup game against Stocksbridge Park Steels in 2002 when Scott Bates scored for Hallam and I have been hooked ever since.

Role at the club?
I was hauled kicking and screaming onto the committee in 2005 and apart from 18 months at Frecheville reserves I have been on it ever since. I have done many jobs at Hallam including one game as physio when we were struggling. At the moment I am the match day announcer, a job I got because the last one left suddenly and there was no one else. Some say I don't need a microphone!!!

Have you ever played or scored on the worlds oldest football pitch? 
I have never played on the pitch but once refereed a charity game and as I said, I was on the bench for one game.

Your favourite or stand out moment while supporting Hallam FC?
Stand out moment probably when we won the League Cup in 2004 beating Mickleover at Buxton.

Who do you go to the games with?
I go to games with Geoff, Mark and Ann and we go in Geoffs car as he has a people carrier and we can get all the stuff in his as we take the kit, balls etc.

Favourite away ground and why?
When we are not playing we sometimes go to Penistone or AFC Emley and they make us feel welcome so I would say these are my favourite away grounds.

Do you stand on the terrace or sit in the main stand for games?
I stand at the bottom of the ground as the p.a gear is in the portakabin.

Pasty from Ann's cabin or pint at the bar?
I tend to have a coffee at half time and a pint or two after the match because Mark and I sort out the kit and are usually the last to leave.

How many layers do you wear at a mid week game in January?!
It can get very bleak in winter up here so I am used to it now but need to wrap up. I had a few seasons as ball boy on the cricket side and let me tell you that's no fun when it's chucking it down or blowing a gale which always seemed to happen!

Wednesday or United or Other?
I am a Wednesdayite and had a season ticket for many years.

If you was to encourage a first time visitor, what would you say?
If you want to come to Hallam it's Football for a fiver and it's a good family atmosphere plus the players and management will always have time for you and the announcer is quite good also!!!

Where do you expect Hallam FC to finish this season?
It's early in the season but I think when it all settles down around October I can see pushing for the play offs again.

(A note to add from me, Glenn.) Bob was one the first people to make me feel welcome in the club when I first started helping out this summer and he is also ever present on match days, home or away, no matter what and it's obvious to me how important he is to this wonderful club. He is the exact reason this club is so wonderful.

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