Getting to Know Your Fellow Countrymen - Part 4


Posted 15th September 2017 - Posted in Fans News Getting to Know Your Fellow Countrymen - Part 4

Onto part 4 of getting to know your Countrymen and this time it's new committee member Glenn Poulton.

Tell us about yourself? Name, age, job etc....
Glenn Poulton, 29, a self employed Painter and Decorator and married to my lovely wife Emma. I also contribute to various Football magazines and fanzines as a hobby. I'm often in The Bootiful Game magazine trying to plug Hallam FC, so check it out if you haven't already, copies available in the club house on match days. 

How did you first come to hear about Hallam FC?
I've always been into Football and being a native Sheffielder it's kind of common knowledge. I've done a lot of work around Crosspool and Sandygate area over the years so I've driven past the ground a million times before I visited for a game. 

What was your first visit here?
I've spent most of my late teens and early twenties working away from home and I've always been into ground-hopping and non league Football as a whole, so it must have been about 5 years ago that I first came to a game here when I started working in Sheffield more regularly. 

Your role at the club?
First and foremost I'm a fan. I've been following The Countrymen regularly now for about 4 seasons but at the end of the 2016/17 season I volunteered myself (plus my friends, Mark Redfern and Mark Armitage's) services to do the decorating and maintenance in general at Sandygate Road. Ive also become self titled 'contents man' for the programme and the website and news letters for the club. The 2-1 away win at East Yorkshire Carniegie was also the first time I've done the live Twitter updates for a game. I also have a advertisement board for our decorating business, and we also player sponsor Andrew Fox, an old school friend of mine. All in all a very proud Committtee member/volunteer. 

Have you ever played or scored on the worlds oldest football pitch?
Played, no.... However I am going to say yeah, I have scored! Last season I organised for some Hannover 96 friends of mine to come here from Germany and we gave them a tour of the ground. We all took penalties in the top net so I'm counting that! 

Your favourite or stand out moment while supporting Hallam FC?
Obviously not a favourite moment but the stand out moment was in my first season I started following regularly, Hallam FC lost the first 10 games of the season and were obviously rock bottom of the league. We hosted top of the table Shirebrook and after going 3-0 up late in the 2nd half the game was abandoned due to heavy fog and the game had to be replayed! Typical when you're bottom of the league. I suppose we can laugh about it now as we won the replay and managed to finish in a respectable position in the league.  

Who do you go to the games with?
I've brought many people with me to the games but mostly I come with my mate Mark Redfern. We take it in turns who drives to away games.

Favourite away ground you've visited and why?
I've got to say Campion's, Scotchman Road ground in Bradford because last season Mark and I went on the train via Leeds and many, many pubs! Plus the ground has a very good upstairs bar and windows to watch the game from. A late 3-2 win also helped us enjoy that trip as much as any. 

Do you stand on the terrace or sit in the main stand for matches?
Most often I stand on the side not too far from the entrance. I prefer standing at games anyway and that corner gives you an higher view point. 

Pasty from Ann's Cabin or pint at the bar? 
Well most games it's a few pints for me from the bar where you'll usually find me talking my usual nonsense, however I was one of the first people to try Ann's new, lovely rice and chilli the other night and it certainly won't be the last time. 

How many layers do you wear at a mid week game in January?! 
Not enough! I think I've managed 4 with 2 pair of socks and I've still been cold. Sandygate Road must have a different weather to the rest of Sheffield. 

Wednesday or United?
I'm a season ticket holder at Hillborough and go to most away games but with Wednesday rarely playing at 3pm on Saturdays anymore it makes it easier to get to the Hallam FC games. 

If you was to encourage a first time visitor what would you say? 
Bring a woolly hat and mines a pint of Mansfield smooth, cheers. 

Where do you expect Hallam FC to finish this season? 
I don't expect them to finish in the play offs but what I've seen of the new team so far I can't see why that isn't the aim. 

Anything you'd like to add?
Yes, this piece I've done (know your fellow countryman) is aimed at everyone from committee member to supporter so if anyone would like to join in or recommend anyone please do. Grab me at a game or @ us on Twitter and hopefully we can bring this Hallam community closer together.  You, the lovely people of Hallam FC are what makes this club so friendly.

Up The Countrymen! 


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