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Posted 14th September 2017 - Posted in Players News

Our 'Mr. Content' Glenn Poulton spoke with new signing Mitch Dunne this week to introduce one of many new young talents here at Hallam....

Tell us a little about yourself, name, age, job?
My names Mitchell Dunne, 20 years of age and I work as a supervisor in a store called Footasylm.

Past clubs and honours?
Past clubs include Swallownest, Handsworth Parramore and Shirebrook.

How did the move to Hallam come about?
I played for Bamf before up at Handsworth and when he asked me to join it was a no brainer and I also know Wwippy and Batesy from Sunday Football so I knew straight away that I'd enjoy it here.

Did you know some of the players before the summer?
Yeah I knew a few a couple of players from Sunday Football but also all the lads that come from Handsworth too.

Have you played at Sandygate Road before and does the sloping pitch have a baring on your game?
I have not played at Sandygate before I signed so my first game was a tough one if I'm honest and the slope in my opinion running up that hill has a massive baring on the results.

How are you finding things so far this season?
Personally my performances have been a bit hit and miss I just need to get my consistency and I believe the goals and the points will come. We believe in the dressing room we've got one of the leagues best squads but the start to the seasons been poor and we need to improve.

Thoughts on the FA Vase game and replay in a Tuesday night?
The FA Vase Game was tough as they are a team from a league above and very organised but we played well in parts and did well to get back in the game after a poor start. In my opinion the game should have just gone to penalties but if the replay is the way we have to get through then we to try and win the game but let's be honest no one wants to travel to Manchester on a Tuesday night.

Do you do any research on the opponents or just concentrate on your own game regardless?
Not really I might have a look at the table before the game just to see how there doing but that's it, I just like to go out there and play football.

Do you have any pre match rituals or superstitions?
Not really I like to be one of the last out of dressing room but that's about it really, I'm not one of the believers in superstitions.

Do you have a target for this season?
Not personally I love to score goals but if I have to go a full season without scoring but helping the team gain promotion by either the play offs or automatics then I'd take that all day long.

Any thing else you'd like to add?
Not really just that I know we've had a slow start but the boys and the management team believe that we are good enough to be up there at the end of the season and thank everyone for the support. Cheers, Mitchell

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