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Posted 14th September 2017 - Posted in Players News

Our 'Mr.Content' Glenn Poulton speaks with another one of our many new young and exciting signings for this season....


Name: Alex Brown


Job: At Sheffield Hallam University studying Sport and Exercise Science


Past Clubs

Sheffield United.


How did the move come about?

The move to Hallam came about in pre-season, Dean text me asking if I wanted to come down to, that's how it all started really.


Did you know any of the players from before?

Yeah I knew a few of the lads before I came to Hallam. Tom Cropper is the same age as myself and I've known him quite a while and I've also played against some of the ex Handsworth lads in previous seasons.


Have you played at Sandygate before this season?

I've actually played at Sandygate a few times before I'd signed. The first time you kick up the hill it's a bit of a shock to the system but you get use to it the more you play here. It's definitely easier going down the hill! Teams that come here set up differently going up then hill than going down it.


How are you finding things so far?

I'm really enjoying my time at Hallam so far, the lads are great and there's no bad characters in the dressing room. Everyone at the club makes you feel welcome and it's a good place to play Football. We've had some mixed results so far but once we've settled into the season I think we'll start picking up some more points.

What are your thoughts on the FA Vase game and a replay on a Tuesday night?

I think the result on Sunday was positive, we came up against a good side in the division above and apart from the first 20 minutes I feel we was the better side and had enough chances to beat them. But the result should give the lads confidence that we can compete with teams in a higher standard than us.

Do you do any research on the opponunts or just focus on your own game?

Usually I tend to concentrate on my own game, I don't like to look too much into opponents and try to make sure I'm as ready as possible to play my own game and my opponent comes secondary to that.

Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?

I'm not the superstitious type, I don't have any set routine really. But since I've joined Hallam I've sat in the same place in the dressing room, so I think you can class that as one.


Do you have any set targets for this season?

I think the team as a whole has ambitions so be challenging right at the top of the league, we feel we have a good enough squad to be up there and like I've said previous I think once we get settled into the league we will start picking up points regularly and that will see us climb up the table.


Do you have anything else you'd like to add?


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