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Following on from our series of getting to know the players at Hallam our Glenn Poulton caught up with striker Chris Wood this week.

Tell us a little about yourself, name, age, job?
Chris Wood, 32, Primary school PE teacher


Past clubs and honours?
Buxton, Belper town, Wakefield, Parkgate, Glapwell, Frickley, Ossett Town, Pontefract

How did the move to Hallam come about?
As soon as Scott and Wippy got the job I was in touch with them.

Did you know some of the players before you moved here?
Yes I knew a few of the older lads in the team before, I’ve played with Andy Fox at Ossett Town a few seasons back. 

Does the sloping pitch have a baring on your game?
No not really.

How are you finding your partnership with Westy upfront so far?
Starting to work well now we all know each others games and attributes.

With the crowds growing at Sandygate, does that have any baring on the players?
Yes obviously the bigger the crowds the better it is for the players! Been some great crowds this season, let’s hope it keeps building!

Do you do any research on the opponents or just concentrate on your own game regardless?
Always nice to know little bits on the opponents but still don’t change my own personal game.

Do you have any pre match rituals or superstitions?
No not really just prepare properly, eat, drink and sleep right.

Do you have a goal target for this season?
Always set myself 20 goals 

Chris Wood.

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