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Posted 10th July 2018 - Posted in Club News Player Sponsorship for 2018-19

With the season less than a month away we can now announce our player sponsor for 2018-19.  

For only £25 you can sponsor any one of the Hallam FC first team squad.

If the player you sponsor wins man of the match, you'll be able to present him with a bottle of wine - but with the added bonus of you receiving a bottle of wine too! 

So what are you waiting for, if you're interested please send us an email by clicking here.

This years Hallam FC squad consists of;

1) Scott Bates - Sponsored by Rune Solevag
2) Steve Whitehead - Sponsored by Dave Peck
3) Dean Bamforth - Sponsored by Dave Peck
4) Jerry Shevills - Sponsored by Casual Connoisseur
5) Micah Bishop - Sponsored by Gregory Aurelie of Football Club United 84
6) Danny Booth - Sponsored by Neil Adgie
7) Tyler Bradley - Sponsored by Emma Poulton of Brearley 2 Ward
8) John Brelsford - Isobel and Adrian Gunning
9) Paddy Carrig - Sponsored by Steve Shepherd of Alpha Plus
10) Jamie Damms - Sponsored by Curry Lovers
11) Dave Darwent - Sponsored by Mark Redfern of MR Roofing
12) Jamie Dean - Sponsored by Stand Fanzine
13) Mitch Dunne - Sponsored by Glenn Poulton of A&P Decorating
14) Sam Fewkes  - Sponsored by Craig Turton
15) Gareth Griffiths - Sponsored by Frazer and Alfie Turner
16) Jack McCarthy - Sponsored by R3D2 Social Media
17) Charlie Myers - Sponsored by James & Joe Burdett
18) James Reed - Sponsored by Steve Basford of Sheffield Catering Supplies
19) Tom Roebuck - Sponsored by Ann Holland of Ann's Cabin
20) Sam Smith - Sponsored by Marc Broadhurst
21) Archie Sneath - Sponsored by Sharon Fudge
22) James Steer - Sponsored by Alan McGreen
23) Ben Thornton - Sponsored by Andrew Jolly
24) Richard Tootle - Sponsored by Mike Jolly
25) Reece Treasure - Sponsored by Steve Shepherd of Alpha Plus

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