Chairman stands down after AGM


Posted 07th September 2012 - Posted in Chairman News Chairman stands down after AGM


After two years as Chairman at Hallam, David Slater has decided to stand down although he was voted back in at the recent AGM.

David issued a statement which read:

" I confirm that I will be standing down as Chairman with immediate effect .I would like to place on record my thanks to those who have worked so hard to support my chairmanship .I have enjoyed my time as Chairman of Hallam FC and am very proud of what has been achieved by a committed team of people at the Club .I believe that I was the right man for the right job at the time but now the club needs stability and a conservative approach and perhaps a calming influence .My loyalty to the club will remain and I intend to play a very active role in Sponsorship, Public Relations and fund raising . I am also keen to be part of the thriving Veterans section of the club that I believe adds great value to what Hallam FC stands for .I believe that the foundations have been laid for a fantastic future for Hallam FC and I trust that the individuals now charged with the task will do what is required to take us forward .I will support the new Chairman and committee and do what I can to assist them."

Vice Chairman Chris Taylor who also stood down at the AGM has agreed to take on the "Acting Chairman" role until the members of the club have had time to consider their options.





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