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Posted 27th August 2018 - Posted in Players News

With the season not a month old yet Glenn Poulton catches up with new signing Callum Littlejohn

Name - Callum littlejohn 


Age - 23


Position - Number 10 


Previous clubs - Sheffield United academy from u8's through to around the age of 15. Notts County after Sheffield United academy and then I went to non-league clubs Maltby, Clipstone FC, Boynton Sports (Saturday league), Retford and my current Sunday football team Dendale Newstyle FC. 


Honours in football - won the league and cup in the same season while being captain for Dendale Newstyle FC and was awarded managers player of the year. Met Pele and got his signature when he visited Sheffield United a few years ago. 


Job outside of Football - Teacher in sales and customer service 


How did the move to Hallam come about - I was keeping my fitness up through the pre season with intentions of going to a club and a friend Reece Treasure was training at Hallam and he introduced me to the gaffer Scott and I came down for my first game against SUFC at home and it went from there. 


Did you know any of the players before you signed - Yeah, Boothy who was at SUFC academy a few years back and Reece as well. 


Have you played at Sandygate before - once or twice before when I played for Retford United, it's a nice ground and you can always put a bet on there being a fare few fans. 


Does the slope on the pitch have any baring on your game - it can do especially the back end of the second half when your kicking up but that can come down to self fitness and I think a lot of it is in your head in terms of thinking you've got an easier half if your kicking down. 


Best ground you've played at - although I'd love to play at the Emirates that hasn't quite happened yet I'd have to say SUFC 


What team do you support - I'm a Gunner, Arsenal through and through 


How are you finding things so far - I'm enjoying myself, the team has a strong bond, there's always banter flying about and I think we will do well this season. The boys have been welcoming as have the management team. 


Your target for the season (personally/ team) - my target is to get as many goals and assists as I can to get them points on the board and to get people talking. I love that winning feeling so my aim is we go for that number 1 spot at the top of the table to get promoted, I don't do loosing I hate it with a passion. 


Thoughts on your goal and man of the match award from the Glasshoughton game - every time I score it's a feeling you can't describe weather it's a 30 yarder or a tap in. I had to put it in the back of the net to get us back in the game it were just guttering that they scored again to make it 3-2. I thought we all worked hard as a team and we didn't deserve to lose but to get get recognised for working hard is class. 


Are you any relation to Adrian Littlejohn and anyone else famous/ ex-footballers - It's my old man ah Ady and yeah Nathan Blake who I class as my uncle it's always good to see him and the family. 


If you won £2million what 3 things would you buy - EASY... I'd go straight to the Lamborghini garage and get a black on black aventador. I'd buy a holiday home kitted out for the family and the lads to chill. Last but not least I'd take all my boys to Ibiza paid for, ocean beach to be specific. 


Thanks, Callum

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