Getting to Know Your Fellow Countrymen 2018-19 Part 3


Posted 27th August 2018 - Posted in Fans News

In Part 3 of 'Getting To Know Your Fellow Countrymen' Glenn Poulton catches up with Sandygate regular Tim Wright

Tell Us About Yourself
I’m an average Yorkshireman, born and bred in Sheffield and happily living with a Geordie lass. Proud family man with a daughter and 2 stepchildren.

How did you first come to hear about Hallam FC?
I’d heard about them years ago and kept promising myself I’d come to Sandygate, but never got round to it until recently.

Early last year a good friend managed to arrange it for my stepson to be the mascot at a Hallam game and since then I've been hooked. I’d been growing increasingly disillusioned with the professional game; what with the high costs and amateur dramatics when players trip over a blade of grass. Hallam is such a welcoming environment, affordable and it’s proper grassroots football as it should be played. The Chairman, committee members, managers and playing staff are all friendly and approachable with no airs and graces; it’s brilliant.

First visit to Sandygate Road?
First ‘cameo’ visit was a few years ago when Hallam played Chesterfield in a pre-season friendly. I’ll be honest in that I only went to the game cos I’d heard Chris Waddle was playing. Being a long standing Wednesdayite, the bloke is a hero to me. (Don’t tell the missus, but he’s my joint favourite ever Geordie😉)

The first visit on a more regular basis was around February or March last year when Freddie was the mascot.

Who do you attend games with?
Sometimes alone; other times with Freddie if he hasn’t got to get up early for school the next day. I don’t worry about turning up on my own though; there’s always someone to talk to as it’s such a friendly place.

Role at the club?
Predominantly just a fan at the moment; although I’m hoping to get involved as a volunteer in some capacity in the near future.

Ever played or scored on the world’s oldest pitch?
I wish, but I’m too old, overweight and unfit to even consider playing on that slope now.

Favourite or stand out moment since following Hallam 
It has to be the sheer pride in seeing my boy leading the team out on our first visit. He absolutely loved it and my heart almost burst out of my chest.

The footballing memory is seeing Jake Currie’s overhead screamer last season. It made Gareth Bale’s goal in the Champions league final seem feeble in comparison😊

Favourite away ground and why?
This is a tough one. I’ve not been to many non-league away grounds, and the one’s I have I don’t think can compare to Sandygate. This place has a combination of modern (a great clubhouse and stand), mixed with tradition (the history, unique slope etc). If I have to pick, I’d probably say Sheffield FC, but not because of anything in particular about the ground, more about the links between the clubs.

If I’m looking at professional clubs, I think I’d go for Derby’s Pride Park because it’s always a great atmosphere when the Owls go there.

Do you stand on the terrace or sit in the stand for matches?
This depends on the weather. I’ve always loved standing to watch games and always will. But on cold, rainy and windy evenings at Sandygate sometimes it’s better to wrap up warm and sit down with a steaming hot Bovril from Ann’s cabin.

Wednesday, United or other?
Got to be the Owls, I’ve followed them for over 40 years and I was over the moon when I realised Hallam play in blue and white stripes too.

Pasty from Ann`s Cabin or pint at half time?
Can I go for both please?😊

How many layers do you wear at a mid-week game in January?
As many as I can fit under my coat, and sometimes 2 or 3 pairs of thick socks and warm boots. I even contemplated bringing a duvet to some games earlier this year. The washing machine didn’t know what had hit it last season with the amount of extra clothes it had to wash. That winter was something special wasn’t it? I wouldn’t change it for the world though; it all adds to the fantastic experience of watching The Countrymen.

What would you say to first time visitors to Hallam?
What is there to say other than ‘you’ll love it’. Embrace the history, heritage, atmosphere and warm friendly welcome that you’ll receive. You’ll feel shattered just watching the uphill facing defenders launching the ball forwards (that took a bit of getting used to on my first visit), but it all adds to the fantastic experience here.

Where do you think Hallam will finish this season?
I’d love them to finish in the promotion places; but realistically I reckon top 6 is very achievable. It’s just a shame that this season there’s no play offs because that would have been a really good opportunity to achieve promotion.

Anything you would like to add?
I just wish I’d started coming years ago when I first started thinking about it. Procrastination has lost me a few more valuable years of following this great club.



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