Getting to Know Your Fellow Countrymen 2018-19 Part 4


Posted 28th August 2018 - Posted in Fans News

The next edition of 'Getting To Know Your Countrymen' part sees Sam Hardwick being interviewed by Glenn Poulton.

Tell us about yourself, name, age, job etc...
My name is Sam Hardwick, I am 26 and I work for Royal Mail as a machine operator.


How did you first come to know about Hallam?
I first became aware of Hallam many moons ago as a young boy. I was taken to Weston Park Museum by my uncle as there was an exhibition on Sheffield Football on at the time. All I knew up until this point about Sheffield football was Wednesday and United, I never knew there was a Hallam, Sheffield F.C or a Stocksbridge Park Steels! 


What was your first visit here?
When I was a young lad the same uncle played for an amateur side called Brinsworth Phoenix, he always used to take me so I could watch and have a kick about on the sidelines with the sons of the other players. I believe they got quite far in a particular cup one year and they played the quarter final at Sandygate. I remember being sat in the small side stand laughing at these pot bellied 40 somethings struggling to dribble and run up the infamous slope in the pitch!


Who do you come to the games with?
As of yet, I’ve not managed to convert my friends and family to the joys of non league so I come alone, but it’s a work in progress! 


Your role at the club? (Supporter)
Merely a supporter, but my girlfriend is Bulgarian and we go back to visit every summer so I want to purchase a Hallam shirt so I can wear it in her village. I guess after that I could be an unofficial international ambassador for the Countrymen!


Have you ever played or scored on the oldest pitch in the world?
In the aforementioned Sunday league quarter final, I ‘scored’ past a middle aged, beer bellied keeper, he let me take a few penalties against him at full time. it’s always my claim to fame whenever someone misses a sitter at Sandygate.


Your favourite or stand out moments while being involved/watching Hallam?
My favourite moment wasn’t necessarily a footballing one, it was meeting Ann who lives and breathes the club. People like her are a credit to this level of football and what, for me, sets it apart from the shiny, soulless ‘product’ of the Premier League.


Favourite away ground you've visited and why?

As it stands, Selby Town. I liked Worsborough which comes a close second, but I have a bit of a thing for grounds which have the clubs names on the back of a terrace! Also enjoyed the lovely little clubhouse and shop. Not to mention the fantastic cathedral and the very good pubs in the town centre, just a shame we lost!


Do you stand on the terrace or sit in the stand for the matches?

Stand, always stand. I absolutely adore terraces, it’s what initially attracted me to this level of football.


Pasty from Ann's cabin or pint at half time?

You can always spot me with my light blue weir clutching a plastic pint pot, but I adore the food at Sandygate and like to get something from Ann at about 2:40


How many layers do you wear at a mid week home game in January?!

I always find that January in South Yorkshire is quite brutal, but my grandfather was from the south side of Glasgow and I’ve inherited some of his blood, I wear a light jacket at the toughest times.


Wednesday or United or other?
Sheffield Wednesday, alas I’ve become a tad disillusioned with the well documented off field antics and don’t attend home games any more. 


If you was to encourage a first time visitor, what would you say?

I was a bit put off the first time I came because I’m the only one in my friends group interested in non league football. After about 20/30 minutes I felt right at home. You never see the players at Hillsborough, Bramall Lane, Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge come and sit down with you after the match and talk about the game over a pint. It’s a million times more inclusive and if you’re into that then come along! Hallam is a great little club.


Where do you expect Hallam to finish in the league this season?

Hallam have absolutely barnstorming performance in them but I feel we’ll fall just short of promotion.


Anything you'd like to add?

Yes. The love of Hallam FC came about due to me feeling disillusioned with Championship football, if anyone else is feeling the same (And I know there is) then I’d encourage you to come and watch Hallam. We’re only a small club but you’ll feel welcome from the moment you step through the turnstile! 

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