Getting To Know Your Fellow Countrymen 2018/19 Part 6


Posted 02nd October 2018 - Posted in Fans News Getting To Know Your Fellow Countrymen 2018/19 Part 6

 Meet your fellow Countrymen: 

Tell us about yourself:

Name: Paul Wilkinson 

Age:58 I was involved at Handsworth for 10 years Running a junior team and then the ladies team for the biggest chunk my time. I was a ground hopper for a number of years after finishing but have settled at Hallam the last 2 seasons and go home and away. 

From: Hathersage 

Now Living: Richmond Handsworth area. 

Occupation: College Caretaker  

Family: 2 daughters and Partner Cheryl. 

How did you first come to hear about Hallam FC? From the local football circuit over a number of years and I went to school with Uriah 

First visit to Sandygate Road?

Back in the day a charity all stars match probaly 80s 

Who do you attend games with?

Mainly my Schnauzer dog Dudley and Cheryl when she can 

Role at the club? Fan and occasional match reporter  

Ever played or scored on the world’s oldest pitch? Sadly No I played the other end of town and mainly in the Anglo scan then in the Peak District  

Favourite or stand out moment since following Hallam: The closeness and spirit of all involved at the club. Proper club  

Favourite away ground and why? Rossington... we used to play communal matches there with the youngsters  

Do you stand on the terrace or sit in the stand for matches? Front row of the stand mainly  

Wednesday, United or other? Manchester City season card holder  

Pasty from Ann`s Cabin or pint at half time?

Pint for me Pasty for the Hound 👍

How many layers do you wear at a mid-week game in January? 1 but Gloved and Hatted up.... 

What would you say to first time visitors to Hallam? Embrace the History  

Where do you think Hallam will finish this season? Up or Playoffs at least. Momentum  

Anything you would like to add? Thanks for everybody making us welcome.


Up The Countrymen 

Glenn Poulton (@PoultonOwl). 

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