Player Interview - Tyler Bradley


Posted 02nd October 2018 - Posted in Players News

 Name-Tyler Bradley 

Age- 18

Position- CB

Previous clubs- Handsworth Parramore 

Job outside of football- Bricklayer 

How did the move to Hallam come about- I know of Wippy Batesy and Bamf and Bamf just asked me to train so I trained a couple of times I loved it the players the staff everything about it , there's no big times 

Did you know any of the players before you signed- Yes I knew a few of the lads before I signed which helped me a lot 

Have you played at Sandygate before- Yes for Handsworth U21's 

Does the slope on the pitch have any baring on your game- No not really 

How are you finding the season so far- Good it's been a good learning curve 

Best ground you’ve played at- Sandy Lane Worksop 

What team do you support- Sheffield u tied 

Your target for the season (personally/team)- To get a regular spot in the starting 11 

Do you have any superstitions or rituals before a game- Just to chill out and take on board what the managers are looking for 

If you won £2million what 3 things would you buy- House a car and a new girlfriend😂😂

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