Welcome Back to Sandygate Reverend Pete


Posted 27th April 2019 - Posted in Club News

We’re delighted to announce the return to the fold at Sandygate of Club Chaplain Peter Allen.


Club Chairman Steve Basford welcomed Peter by saying “We are very happy to announce that our very good friend and Hallam FC supporter Reverend Peter Allen has re joined the club as our Club Chaplain. Pete was with us a few years ago and then moved South but is back in his “spiritual” home now! 


Reverend Pete (as he is known) will provide valuable support for anyone at the club who needs someone to confide in or just needs a chat and perhaps a little guidance in their life.”


Reverend Pete said “On my return to Sheffield I was so pleased to be able to become part of Baz Gascoyne's team of chaplains at South Yorkshire Chaplaincy and rejoin Hallam as their chaplain once again. 


Hallam is a club I've always had a great fondness for because of the friendships I made at the club and good times had at the club in my previous term of chaplaincy there. 


I know Hallam has a big heart for all who belong to it and a great sense of its place within the wider local community and city as a whole. 


A community and city it wants not only to welcome and entertain but also serve and support in a variety of different ways. I am very much looking forward to being part of the ongoing story of this great club and it's people and I feel honoured to be its chaplain once again. 


You may have noticed Peter started off his duties at our recent game v Selby Town as he helped behind the bar at half time to help Jane keep the queue to a minimum.


If you need to speak to Reverend Pete or just say hi you can find him on Twitter @revpete07


Welcome back Reverend Pete!

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