Whose That Girl Running Around with You ? - An Interview with Kay Humberstone


Posted 25th January 2012 - Posted in Players News 'Whose That Girl Running Around with You ? - An Interview with Kay Humberstone

Kay Humberstone graduated from Salford university in 2009.She started working with the Hallam FC reserves in 2008 looking after general injuries and first aid until graduating after which she started looking after all injuries and pitch side work the following season.

She established KIC Sports Injury in June 2010 and is now consultant therapist for all the Hallam FC squads as well as working for Sheffield Eagles RLFC where she is in charge of first team rehabilitation. Kay says “I am a big believer that you can only gain an athletes trust and be a good therapist  if you have participated at a high level in sport yourself . My training as a commonwealth high jumper has helped to establish  mutual respect between my patients and myself “

Trials & Tribulations of working for Hallam FC:

Kay says “The biggest downside of working in football in general is its freezing, its very rare to turn up in warm weather. Also the hours are not the most sociable with Saturday games and some midweek night games however working within a team such as Hallam has a lot of plus points. The players are actually an alright bunch of lads (pains me to say it!) they pay attention to advice and information given to them but most of all there is a lot of banter flying around which makes it enjoyable. Its also nice as a therapist to have free reign over the treatments and injured players where the management take on board what you say and want to learn from you instead of just shouting at you when players aren’t fit.”

Injuries & treatments:

Kay says “Almost all of the injuries I get from players at the club are muscle injuries which I treat at work through various massages exercises treatments and rehab. You do get the occasional random injury such as a broken finger or a bruised bone but the most common injury for the club is a hamstring strain”.

Match day Routine:

When asked about match days Kay comments that “Generally we arrive at the ground 60-90 minutes before kick off.  The players get themselves sorted into warm up kit after Julian and Jason (the managers) have had the team talk and named the squad. From then on its pretty busy for me as players get things strapped, have rubs and any other treatment they need before they go out to warm up.”

“Whilst the team is warming up the water bottles are filled and heat rub and vic is put out for the players to help themselves and I add around 5-7 layers of clothes as its usually freezing before venturing out and checking on players who may have been struggling. Some players don’t like any strapping done until after they have warmed up so when they come back in the final strapping is done then they are out for the game.”

“During the game I have to sit on bench hoping that no player gets injured. Half time is just used to check players are alright and that there are no injuries or niggles then after the game players inform me of any knocks they may have. I find the best initial treatment for most injuries is ice compression and usually I will wait for 48 hours before undertaking any other treatments during which time I stay in contact with the players concerned.”

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jon colegate

31 Jan 2012

really interesting article and definitely keen on asking Kay more about what her company can do for my sports injuries.


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