Hallam FC

Playing football since 1860 at Sandygate, The Worlds Oldest Football Ground

Macole Lannaman

Did you know any of the players before you signed; Nah not too many

Best friend at the club; Treasure is my brother from young

How are you finding things so far; Everythin is cool so far yo. Nice to be playing for an iconic club.

Do the rising attendances have an impact on the tea; Yea we play better

Target for the season; Personal: Enjoyment and fitness
Team: Promotion

Club you support other than Hallam; Sheffield United. Arsenal is my second team tho

The best ground you’ve played at; City Ground- Nottingham forest

Most memorable game you’ve played in; Most memorial game is probably when we played Sheffield United pre season. I just assumed we’d be playing the u21’s or something until I turned up and saw the lineup and I was marking Ravel Morrison

Do you have any pre-match superstitions; Put on left boot first

Does the slope on the pitch have an effect on the players; Psychologically yes, a lot of teams think that once they’ve defended the hill they have done their job but that’s when they’re most vulnerable

Do you do any research on the opposition; Nope, sometimes I don’t know who we’re playing until I get to the ground. I just concentrate on my own game because your mind is often the main opponent

Aim for this season; Promotion

Do you practise taking parties; Practiced them from being a kid, not so much now

What’s your ambition in life; To contribute to making the world a better place and find consciousness in everything I do

If you won £2m on the lotto, what 3 things would you buy;
1. Build a school in Africa with its own curriculum
2. Buy my mum a new house
3. Invest the rest

Anything else you’d like to add; 1Love

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